On October 16th, Benjamin Maxwell, left his home and family for two years to serve a mission in San Jose, California.

As a missionary: He will teach of Jesus Christ and His gospel. He will have doors slammed in his face and be yelled at. He will meet people from all walks of life. He will stretch himself. He will learn about himself. He will learn of his Heavenly Father's love for him and for all His children. He will learn to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. He will serve the people of San Jose. And he will LOVE more than he though possible.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A month ago I gave my first talk on my mission, well yesterday I gave the third!

Dear Family!
   This is the wedding week I guess. Somehow I thought it was on the 15th... I am just way to eager I guess. I hope everyone was able to travel to and from Utah safely.
     Once again, Happy Birthday Allegra! You are so old! Holly cow! Just joking, you are a beautiful young woman and there is no guy out there that is good enough to date you so stay away from them all. They are gross anyways.
     Everyone do a whole lot of partying at the wedding for me. Make sure to laugh a lot! It will make for the best pictures. I have one request. In one of the pictures if everyone could be doing a flexing pose that would make my day! Then I would feel as though I was represented :)
    This week has been a blessed week. Remember how a month ago I said I had to give my first talk on my mission? Well yesterday I gave the third talk of my mission. I have found that I enjoy giving talks! I love feeling the inspiration as I strive to lift the members that I serve. 
    I don't have a lot of time this week. But just know that I love you all!

Love, Elder Maxwell

PS: We went to the bay!
Our Companionship

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